4 Small Business Who Desperately Need A Website

4 Small Business Who Desperately Need A Website
Currently, 36% of small business shoppers and customers discover new businesses and products through online research.

And if you are thinking of ways to expand your business’ reach and find new customers, it is time to start thinking about a website that is dedicated to you. Websites are already an indelible presence on the web. However, more than half of small businesses still do not have their own website. What is the reason for this?

Most entrepreneurs do not consider a website to be very important or relevant to them. There is also the fundamental problem as they feel it is too expensive to have a web page. It is true that their budgets are tight for small businesses, so an exclusive webpage will add to the costs. However, there is a very huge potential return on the investment in an exclusive webpage. Today, if you think that the reason you do not have a website is because it’s not related to you, you are wrong. Websites are for everyone! The following dissects a few common types of business and explains why they actually need a website:


Medical & Dental ClinicsMedical & Dental

Medical and dental clinics often rely on insurance companies to pull the strings to help them find new clients. However, when it comes to health issues, people are becoming more and more self-sufficient by relying on the convenience of the Internet. They give priority to researching the nearest medical and dental clinics. Therefore, this is where an exclusive website with your CV, photos of you and your staff and testimonials from past patients can make the difference between you and your competitors.

Automotive Professionals

When you are running a car repair shop, an exclusive website can be your best assistant. This is because the odds are that your potential customers will think your services are more expensive and complicated than they really are. Most people get anxious about the charges when they take their car to a car repair shop. When there is your own website with clear pricing, service details and online estimates listed on it, customers will feel more comfortable leaving their cars with you for repairs. If your auto repair shop offers car detailing services, you can also attract customers by putting photos of your previous great handyman work on your website.

Visual artists

Alike with car detailing services, visual artists need a website for similar reasons. People who paint, work with clay or otherwise create art need a dedicated website to upload photos of their work online. When you meet someone who wants to show what art you can do, you can just let them browse your website and even sell some of your work. However, you should always remember to keep business cards with your website address with you, because you never know when someone might want to see what you have made and your work or commission something new.

Book AuthorsBook Authors

If you own a self-published book, an exclusive website can achieve the effect of promoting your work. Journalists and bloggers may not have a long time to get to know your books. For this reason, you can direct them to your exclusive website via a link in an email or an address on a business card. Once they have the website, they can find out about your book on their own afterwards.


If the above small businesses are relevant to you, then you have a great chance. There is a good chance that your competitors also think that having an exclusive website is not a must, so you can create an advantage for yourself when you have your own website from now on before they react. As more and more potential customers make their purchasing decisions via the internet, they will be able to find your dedicated website through the web. To find out more, visit our website and ask!

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