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TalentBridge Internship: Develop Tomorrow's Talent

Are you struggling with the lack of professionalism and the time-consuming task of training new interns? Join our TalentBridge Internship project to simplify the onboarding process and ensure interns arrive with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

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What is TalentBridge?


The term “TalentBridge” represents a bridge connecting academic knowledge and practical industry experience. This program is designed to help students seamlessly transition from educational environments to professional settings, ensuring they are well-prepared for real-world challenges.

Why Choose Us?

Discover the Value of TalentBridge

Integrated Learning and Experience

Combines one month of intensive, practical learning with a five-month internship, ensuring interns are thoroughly prepared and job-ready.

Direct Pathway to Employment

Offers a clear potential for full-time employment post-internship, providing a direct career path for interns.

Mentorship and Support

Continuous guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals at both Madex and partner businesses, fostering professional growth.

Warnborough Certificate

First month of learning, the student will receive a certificate from Warnborough.


Meet Our Professional Trainees and Mentors

Trainee 1

Siti Anis Sofia Binti Mohamad Hamizi‚Äč

- SEO Specialist in Madex Group
- Graduated with Bachelor of Science Computer (Web Technology) from UTHM
- Skills in optimizing existing and new websites, analyzing engagement data, identifying trends, and planning blog content.

Trainee 2

Fatin Aqilah Binti Mohamad Roslan‚Äč

- Digital Marketing Executive in Madex Group
- Graduated with Bachelor of IT (Game Technology) from UTeM
- Committed to fostering growth through continuous teaching and learning in the dynamic realm of digital marketing

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Arvind Chen

- Digital Marketing Executive (Multimedia) in Madex Group
- Graduated with Bachelor Degree in New Media Communication from UniMAP
- Improving through continuous teaching and learning in the dynamic realm of digital marketing

Why Our Service Better?


Comprehensive Learning

Intensive preparation ensures interns are job-ready.

Career Pathways

Provide you with the most suitable interns based on their career aspirations and your company's needs.


Our team of professional trainees undergoes comprehensive training to ensure they have the skills needed to meet your specific needs.

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Why Madex Group

Unlock Cost-Effective and Professional Internship Solutions with TalentBridge Today!

Discover the Value of TalentBridge with Madex Group. We’re proud to introduce the TalentBridge Internship project, offering unique benefits for your needs. By choosing our company, you unlock access to affordable, high-quality solutions that redefine the standards of industry training.

Benefits of TalentBridge include our extensively trained team, dedicated to meeting your specific requirements with precision and excellence. We will train the talent following the requirements and needed of your company’s main field! Furthermore, our services offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to scale your efforts without the commitment of hiring a full-time employee.

Let Madex Group handle your needs efficiently and effectively, empowering you to focus on your goals while we deliver exceptional results. Join us in experiencing the outstanding value and benefits of TalentBridge today.

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